Meet “Ders”

First off, I would like for everyone to take a brief moment of silence for that sideburn/handlebar combo. Gone, but not forgotten. So, Le Roi was the first to pull the trigger on bios and if you want to see what that kid’s all about be my guest – Click Here If You Dare. Anyway, I thought I’d join in on the fun and show the readers who they’re reading and what I’m all about.

Name: Andy “Ders” Espinoza, aka there’s nothing else…it’s just Ders.

Height: 6’3 if you ask, 6’0 if I’m under oath.

Weight: A chunky 197, but it’s a work in progress.

Interests: Sleeping, Pepsi, romantic hot air ballon rides, special occasion baths, dominating kids in intramural sports, and of course Crushing Film.

Things You Should Know About Me: If it needs to be done don’t throw it my way, I’d trade my left nut for a God damn Championship for any Philly sports team, I think I maybe the only non-Mainer in this entourage, if I don’t know you I hate you, and I love the attention positive or negative (any publicity is good publicity).

Favorite Quote: “See you still look like a fifthteen year old girl, but not hot!” – Chazz Michael Michaels 

Claim to Fame: Local PBS did a documentary on me and my inability to throw up as a baby.
Let’s ride! 

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