Meet “POH”

Hello friends.

It’ll be mostly TV #content from me, not because I don’t love movies but because I have a crippling fear of commitment that often prevents me from being able to sit down and commit to a multi-hour viewing experience. Woah, that got deep. OK, back on track. 

Aliases: POH, pohski, Dirty Pete 

Height/Weight: 6’2″ (on the roster) 197lb (lanky). Occasionally I will reach my destination on the road to 200 but then I eat a salad and keep on truckin’. Grind never stops. 

Things you should know about me: I’m the lone Vermont native on here. Huge Chicago sports fan. I used to say that I root for the Cubs as proof than I’m not a Kane/Toews Blackhawks bandwagoner but then the Loveable Losers went off and won the damn World Series, so there goes that I guess. But seriously, my Dad’s entire side of the family is from the Windy City…I’m just not a bandwagoner, OK? Diagnosed with a case of Only Child Syndrome. 

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths: Self-starter. Dynamic team player. Using business buzzwords. 

Weaknesses: Genesee Light.

Opportunities: jk lol

Claim to Fame: I have a striking resemblance to Jeff Bagwell circa 1991


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