Soundtrack Of The Week: Week 3

So if it feels like there hasn’t been a Soundtrack Of The Week in a while it’s because well…it’s been a while. I’ve been lackadaisical with the Soundtrack blogs, but with the summer to watch movies and more free time than I know what to do with I’ll be back on my horse. Recently, the PEA Crushing Boys decided to check out Entourage. If you’re an Entourage fan it’s a great movie. If you’re a teenage/mid-twenties guy it’s a great movie. If you just like to have a good time it’s a great movie. Plot’s exactly what you expect and it seems as if all of Hollywood had a cameo – Everybody from Gronk to George Takei. The soundtrack is also pretty predictable. A movie about drugs, tits, and the high life is going to have a pretty upbeat soundtrack. If you’re looking for slow, emotional vibes than may I recommend the Aloha soundtrack. Strictly bangers here. I’m not blown away by this soundtrack, but it’d be a lie if I said it wasn’t a good time.

Let’s take a gander shall we…

1. “Figure It Out” – Royal Blood:

Like this song does absolutely nothing for me. I can’t really explain it. I don’t hate it per say, like I don’t cringe when it comes on, but I seriously have no positive things to say about it. The singer kind of sounds like he’s out of breath and that fact alone seals the fate of this song.

2. “Superhero” – Jane’s Addiction:

I’m not lying when I say the first time I’ve ever listened to this song in it’s entirety was when I wrote this blog. It’s Entourage‘s theme song, so the 30 second snip bit that plays during the opening credits I know down pat, but I don’t know a lick of the other three and a half minutes. However, there’s no way of disliking this song if you’re a fan of the show. Hearing the opening guitar riff and ohhhhhhhh immediately makes my head bob up and down. It will always be intertwined with one of my favorite shows of all time and will always have a place in Dersy’s heart. Plus who doesn’t love the oh yahhhhhhhhhh oh yahhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

3. “Drop” – Diplo and DJ Snake:

This is far from a personal playlist song. You’re not going to turn this bad boy on, put the headphones in, sit back and listen. It is strictly for situations that call for bangers because that’s exactly what it is – a banger. I’m not the EDM guy of the group, that’s squirrel, but I know a catchy hook and beat when I see one and this song delivers. The build up is hypnotic and the drop itself is shooting par. If you’re in the car with friends or at some party looking for good vibes don’t be afraid to give this puppy a shot. 

4. “Push” – A-Trak:

Half of the EDM songs out there come down to one thing: Are the vocals good? You can have sick beats and killer drops, but if I dislike the vocals in the song it can immediately override everything you’ve accomplished. Sadly, that’s exactly what happens with this song. I’m listening to it right, and I’m digging the beat. I start getting into it and then this guy hops on the vocals and the song crashes faster than the Hindenburg – murders all hope. This guy can’t be a professional recording artist. There’s just no way. So out of pitch it’s ungodly…

5. “Darkness” – Du Tonc:

Sounds like sound bytes of passionate loving making dubbed over a sample of upbeat 80s techno. I literally have no clue what was going on in the song and I’m not going to attempt to figure out.

6. “Hunter” – Pharrell Williams:

Does anybody else think Pharrell has the singing voice of a baby back bitch? He squeaks when he sings. “Happy” was the worst thing to ever happen to society. I fuckin hated that song and I’m not a big fan of this one either. Every time he opens his mouth and let’s out this pussy squeal of his all I can picture is Sniffles The Mouse from Space Jam when he gets into the game:

Like grow some hair on those balls Pharrell. It’s one thing if he can’t help it – Like if you inherently have a raspy, high-pitched voice. Yet, I’ve heard him talk normally and sometimes he’s fine in songs, so fix it.

7. (Favorite Alert) “Give Up The Goods” – Mobb Deep ft. Big Noyd:

First taste of old school hip hop on the track and it’s delicious. Mobb Deep are O.Gs. A duo from Queens, New York that consists of Havoc and Prodigy (Please have more generic rapper names). Both are highly respected in the Hip Hop genre. The song bumps – Just raw delivery and flow. Reminds me of a Nas feel. This song’s originally from their acclaimed album “The Infamous” that was released in 1995. I honestly don’t remember when this song was played in the movie and I’m upset because it’s one of my favorites on the soundtrack.

8. “What Would U Do” – Tha Dogg Pound:

First thing’s first, go fuck yourself with the name of your group. You’re joking right? Tha? Dogg? Give me a break. What, was The Dog Pound not good enough? If you want my input on this song look at everything I said about “Give Up The Goods” and take the opposite. Old school hip hop, but it sucks. Not a fan.

9. “Bells” – Allison Taylor:

10. “Elephant” – Tame Impala:

Kind of like “Figure It Out”, I just don’t know what’s the deal with this song. I don’t hate it and I don’t like it, but I found it weirdly familiar. I definitely knew I’ve heard it before this movie, but I couldn’t pin point exactly where. I took a shot in the dark and thought it was in a commercial so I plugged in “Elephant Tame Impala commercial” into google search and woolah. I’m actually impressed with myself with this snipe. I heard it in a fuckin Blackberry Z10 commercial. How irrelevant of a product could you get? Here it is:

I’ll pat myself on the back when I deserve it and this I feel like is one of those times. 

11. (Banger Alert) “We Fly High” – Jim Jones: 

BAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a throwback jam. “We Fly High” came out right around the start of my middle school days. This and “Crank That Soulja Boy” were the bangers of their days. You simply cannot listen to this song without shooting an imaginary fadeaway in sync with the “Ballin” part. I’d kill to have a “Where Are They Now?” on Jim Jones. I’m gonna guess he lives in a cardboard box under I-95 offering $40 handjobs in restaurant bathrooms to make end’s meat. This song was his peak and it’s been a steep decline ever since, but who cares. He left his mark on history with this classic and for that we salute you Jim.

12. “Superthug” – Noreaga:


13. “I Need My Girl” – The National:

Not the greatest song, but it worked perfectly in the movie. It fit seamlessly in the scene it played in. I’ve pointed it out before, not all soundtrack songs need to be great by themselves. They need to work in the film, that’s the main goal when putting songs on the track and this song accomplishes just that. The only soft song on the soundtrack so there’s a lot of pressure, but it delivers.

14. “Feel So Good” – Mase:

The rapping itself is subpar. I honestly thought it was Diddy or Sean John or Puff Daddy or whatever the fuck he goes by on the track until I saw it was Mase. So, it’s definitely not a great song. I will say though that opening is fire. The duh duh duhhh duh duhhhhhhh duh duh duhhhhhhh is awesome. If you want a song that works with that opening listen to DJ Kool – “Let Me Clear My Throat”. Here it is:

Hit me with the horns! One of the catchiest openings in my opinion.

All in all, a decently average soundtrack. I need a batting average of at least .200. I’m not asking for much. Give me around 15 songs I need at least three good ones and this does just that. It barely makes the cut, but it sneaks by. 

Rating: 3.2/5 

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