Battle OTW: #5

Batman VS. Bane. The 1st battle

“The Dark Night Rises (2012)”
Woohh hold your horses here. Bane is one of my favorite characters of all time. He has traps like a water buffalo. His costume alone she be indication that this bad ass villain means business. He also offers up some of the best liners we have ever heard. ” I was born in the dark.” “I broke you. How have you come back?” The guy spits pure gold and he doesn’t even try. To truly appreciate his size and strength here is a picture of Bane in his natural habitat


Tale of the two feigns


Batman (Bruce Wayne): 6′  180 lbs soaking wet maybe with the gear on too idk.

Strengths: Billionaire, the ladies, the looks, gadgets for days, and Alfred the real super hero in this movie

Weaknesses: soft body framed compared to bane, lacks real power and mental fortitude, hides behind a costume.


Bane: 5’11”, 220, 9 % body fat, straight savage

Strengths: Savage, absolute savage, pure savagery, 22″ biceps, steroids in his mask, and strong core.

Weaknesses: only his mask being able to get ripped off.

I chose the first battle because it ends the way it is supposed to. Bane, the bigger and stronger human, snaps batman’s back in half. He dominates him here with the physical and verbal battle. Chirps are underestimated ammunition that Batman is too much of a squid to use. So bane lets him have it and just uses batman as an amateur sparring partner. Good night jim kite. K.O for the biggest mean stick humans have ever seen.

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