The Gallows

This is an abomination of a movie. The characters ravaged by this demon ( insert name that I’m not going to say because I play it smart) were absolutely tooled with. These betas thought it would be a good idea to go to a haunted school at night, the very night that the demon died. They did everything wrong and I couldn’t be more disgusted with their performance. I thought I laid out the steps pretty clearly. Because the world didn’t fully understand how to dummy a demon or maybe cause they didn’t read my last list I will now complete my list to make it a top 10.

10) Stay as a group. When you battle in numbers you are limiting the abilities of the demon. The demon is like a big game cat, it wants to isolate the weaker ones so it can ravage it. Don’t let that happen.


9) Find your weapon of choice. This means drop everything your doing and find something that could lay a serious dent in a feigning demon. Maybe a piece of lumber?


8) Stay by the exit. “Hey everybody lets go down that dark scary hall that gets extremely narrow at the end so we can get trapped by the demon! yeah good idea man.” Get out of here with that nonsense director.  Put me and a few of a select few savages and this demon may last all of .2 minutes.


7) Use your iPhone. Everybody uses it all day, you might as well use it when it can save your life. “Oh nooooo the lights when out we can’t see.” Hey idiot there is a device in your pocket with all the necessary capabilities to thrash this apparition use it.


6) Don’t be a hero. Last but definitely not least don’t be a hero. In The Gallows the main character had an opportunity to go outside and leave the school, but his crush got abducted. Sorry babe, but you are on your own because I’m out. Ill go get help but you’re on your own for breaking rule #3 lack of training. Take the capes of bros.


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