The title pretty much sums up the whole movie. Amy Schumer’s character is a vulgar, alcoholic whore that is the epitome of raunchy humor. She hits the bars hard every single night and gets so blasted that she lets anything with a dick take her home and pound her. She never lets anything become more than a one night stand too — except a little stint with John Cena which is pretty funny. Some critics said it was refreshing to see gender roles switch; to have a female be the one that uses males for sex, but I’ve never seen a movie where a female lead character is that over-the-line with her jokes. It was awkward, and at times a little disgusting. That may be a little sexist of me…well, it’s defintely sexist now that I think about it, but we pledge honesty here at Crushing Film, and my honest opinion is that I wasn’t ready for Schumer to talk about munching box and sucking dick. Melissa Mcarthey has some rauncy humor at times, but she knows when to hold herself back from saying something vile. Schumer needs to find her style in comedy and I hope it’s not dirty humor like Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses because only a girl like Jennifer Aniston pulls that shit off.

Getting back to the movie, Amy, who works for a magazine, is told to write a story on a famous sports physician, Bill Hader. Hader is a rich, smart, generous guy who treats a bunch of big time athletes. Amy ends up burying him after an interview and Hader starts to fall for her, so Amy must decide whether changing her ways to be with Hader is in  her best interest. The film had some very funny side characters: Randall Park and Jon Glaser (Councilman Jamm on Parks and Rec) were two of Amy’s coworkers and they had some pretty dominant one-liners, and Amy’s father — Colin Quinn — is an obscene old man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He was the one who told Amy as a child that monogamy, sex with one partner, isn’t realistic. The best supporting actor, however, was Lebron James. He wasn’t your typical famous athlete doing a small cameo, he played a pretty significant role as Bill Hader’s best friend. He was a down-to-earth guy who was truly concerned with  Amy and Bill’s relationship. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about this, given my earlier schpeel on Amy, but I’m going to pull the trigger anyways. Vanessa Bayer was downright awful. She played a timid, dumb coworker of Amy and her performance was a fucking felony. Seriously,  if Hollywood doesn’t indefinitely ban her from movies I’ll be legitimately upset. Everything she said just sucked. Stick to SNL Vanessa, for the love of god.

Not a great look for me in this blog as I trashed the female characters, but whatever I’m not here to make friends. Plus, I bet girls will completely disagree with me and they will love every second of this movie.

Rating: 6.1/10

One thought on “Trainwreck

  1. Now I have to see it. I didn’t want to pay money to see it in the theater because unlike the rest of the world I don’t find Melissa McCarthy funny so I thought this would be similar.


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