Keanu (2016)

Time to scrub off the spider webs for the crushing film writers. With summer, comes an abundance of free time and more importantly trips to the home barn. So get fired up because we are going to be infiltrating your brains with facts.
If you enjoy the show Key and Peele and the various skits they do, then this movie is right up your alley. Picture some of their best skits like the Obama translator and the east west game mixed together and lengthened, and that’s exactly what the movie was.

Obama Translator

East/ West game

The plot of the movie was a little ridiculous, but if you agree to see this movie just know what you signed up for. Long story short a cat appears on peele’s doorstep. He begins to take care of it, he names it (Keanu), but it turns out to be a gangster cat. It’s a trill ass cat, not your basic pussycat. A few hoodlems mistake peele’s house for a drug dealers and in the process of looting the place they take Keanu. This is where things start to get real.  Both key and peele know their real names Rell and Clarence aren’t going to cut it in the hood, so they take a play straight out of the east/ west skit and on the spot name themselves Tectonic and shark tank. Tectonic and Shark Tank dive deep into the gang banging scene and harness their half blackness to try fit in and find themselves their cat.

Key and peele are best known for the way the play around with their mixed races. One moment they will be talking like “Clarence” and the next “shark tank” will go on a gangster rant. Put aside the fact they were tryin to find a cat, not a dog, not a person, but lucifers pet of choice a smelly cat, then you will thoroughly enjoy this movie. Ask Duce Bigalow Male Jigalow, actually don’t because that guy wouldn’t know how to blog a movie if it hit him in the face. The guy is getting a free ride on a one way train to the crushing film page views and celebrity status without writing a single blog. This goes to stocky dubs too, less heavy backsquat supersetted with hammer curls and a little more blogs. Writing a Meet the blogger doesn’t count as a movie blog. One time for me fellas!

Review: 7/10

6 thoughts on “Keanu (2016)

      1. I feel that haha. The thing with this movie is you could piece together all their YouTube videos into one and it’d be similar to the movie. I happened to have a movie gift card burning a hole in my pocket and had to pull the trigger.

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