Dear Viewers and Sketchy advertisement shareholders,

After a long hiatus, after an indefinite and Tiger Woods like break, the beezos are back. I’m not talking Jeff Beezos getting back with his wife to save 36 billion back, I am talking Lance Armstrong comeback. Lance was an edgy guy! I look forward to pounding my keys with some weight and edge behind my homerow. With Game of Thrones back Sunday, and some elite recent movies, the Film Crushers are raring to go with fresh content.  It takes humility to get back on this once rocket ship ride of a site. Basically, we ran out of fuel and grit there’s no denying it. But we’ve all sculpted our writing skills even though I still don’t know where to put a comma, that’s why I pay Squirrel the big bucks. I’ve made a promise to myself, this company, and the loyal viewers of Crushing Film to bring consistent JAM. Also shout out to the loyal advertisements getting free views from when I monetized this bad boy.



Big Chief

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