‘Us’ Movie review

Mr. Jordan Peele has done it again. I didn’t think I could be put in more of a mind pretzel than I was placed in from Peele’s first thrilling film, titled Get Out, but he chewed my mash potatoes brain up in a blender once again. The way he constructs his productions is pure genius. Peele drags you along with a “simple” plot line and drops a post bulking meal nuke on you.

To analyze this particular movie, let’s dissect the title. There is a transparency in the titles of his films, all two of them, that adds to the mindgasms. By the time you understand the meaning of the title, it is too late. The entire movie is going down hill and then you realize the answer was there in front of you the entire time. The youngest actor says it best “it’s us”. Jason (Evan Alex) is the youngest character of the film, but in my opinion he is the most woke. He understands early and often that his reflection responds directly to his actions. It wants to act, and replace the rightful place of the human. I will concede slight details to heighten this review, but I highly recommend this thriller.

One major underlying theme of the movie is the presence of rabbits. Jordan Peele uses his movies to portray prevalent issues in todays society and is incredible at equaling the playing field for all actors and actresses. Peele’s specific ploy of rabbits exemplifies the dangers that people left in the dark face on a regular basis. In ‘Get Out’, the obvious focus is the subconscious racism that exists in the older generation of white America. When Chris, the main character of ‘Get Out’, arrives at his white girlfriends house, he is bombarded with questions about his culture. This stereotyping of cultures resembles the generalization uncultured people are so curious about. One of the most prevalent examples is when of the prospective white person asks Chris about his perception of Tiger Woods. Completely random, and uncalled for, this question exposes the underlying bias white people have in the regular world. Chris feels uncomfortable due to the fact of bombardment of questions regarding his culture. While I digress, it is important to observe the similarities of both ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’. Reverting back to the rabbits- when rabbits are exposed to the real world, they are vulnerable to many predators. I am drawing conclusions to what I believe Peele is highlighting in the underworld. Bunnies are consumed by many predators. To enter the world, like the replicas of all people in the world want to obtain, the bases of the movie ‘Us’, rabbits are exposed. What the main character of ‘Us’ defies is the bravery she displays to her true self. While I may of ruined, and analyzed, the movie too much, it is massive to my perception. By eating the rabbits and destroying the stereotypical notion of the doppelgängers Adelaide, the main character of ‘Us’, exemplifies the destruction of current suppression of repressed people’s identity.

Hot take: the final scene of the mother and Jason represents another transition of the underworld character taking place of the reflection character. Jason places his mask over his face resembling the pressure subdued cultures feel to fit in today’s polarized society.

Scary movie: 9.1/10

Official review: 8.2/10

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