Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Review

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Episode 2 was titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and that was because the episode was centered mainly around the climax for Brienne of Tarth and her story arc. Throughout the series all Brienne has ever wanted was to be a knight; however, no woman had ever been a knight. Now that she has been knighted, and has fulfilled both her life debt to Jaime Lannister and her oath to Catelyn Stark there is no longer need for her on the show. Granted we will all miss her because she is a massive badass and rocked the Hound in hand to hand combat, but she is a goner.

I suppose Weiss and Benioff were going for some closure and a “calm before the storm” approach to this episode; however they threw a wild curveball in the process. The first thing I want to address is the scene that put half the population in shambles: Arya and Gendry. In the words of Dave Portnoy from barstool sports, “Something I did not sign up for, I did not the sign the paperwork to see my girl Arya get fucked”. To be completely honest I totally called Arya and Gendry hooking up last week, but I agree with Portnoy, nobody wanted to see that, nobody needed to see that. Everyone loves Arya because she’s five-foot nothing and deadly with a knife and we just want to see her fuck up the mountain or stab Cersei or some shit like that. Another point I’ll make is no one can blame Gendry for this one, he saw what that girl can do with do with three throwing knives, and I think he can imagine what she would to him with that double edge spear if he said nah.

Other than that there were some great heartwarming moments in this episode: Brienne saving Jaime from Daenerys, Jaime and Bran meeting again, Podrick Payne looking like a badass with a sword, Sansa embracing Theon, Ed and Jon roasting Sam on the lookout, the scene around the fire, and of course Jon revealing his true identity to Danny and her being absolutely shook. There is so much to digest from this episode, but I am deciding to focus on only a few more.

Podrick schooling some homeboy

First we now know a major detail of the show that was yet to be released: what the Night King really is after. Bran revealed to the group when discussing the defense of Winterfell that the Night King’s goal is to not to destroy man, but to destroy the memories of mankind on Westeros. Without memories there is no beginning and if there is no beginning then there is no history to live on. The Night King wants to destroy man by killing Bran, because without him there are no memories at all. This means that we know we will see the Night King in the Godswood coming after Bran with only Theon and the Iron-born to defend him. This means Theon is certainly fucked, sorry man.

Second Jon and Danny are at odds with one another because now he has finally revealed to her that not she, but he is the heir to the Iron Throne. Danny could not have been more rattled by this news, but her reaction didn’t even factor in to the fact that she is in love and has been banging her nephew. Yeeeesh. Now they both gotta go into battle and keep the other stuff in the Crypts for the time being.

Next I could not have been more pumped to see Samwell give Heartsbane to Jorah, this sword is fucking massive, made of Valyrian steel, and Jorah is about to go ape shit on some Wights.

For next week, I can not wait for the next episode, the preview looked INSANE, and I couldn’t help but notice that they have a split second of Jon pulling out Longclaw in the FUCKING GODSWOOD, this means the next episode could have, not completely positive, but could have a battle between JON SNOW AND THE NIGHT KING. BOOM. This would be the most insane scene of all time and you have to think Weiss and Benioff could have this up their sleeve for next week.

Also on a side note, along with Theon and Brienne, Grey Worm is definitely gonna die. All three have reached their story arcs and it’s time to see some characters go.

See y’all next week


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