Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review

The Long Night

Going into Sunday night I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I knew in episode 3 there would be a few deaths and that it would be a battle for sure, but for it to play out the way it did, it became a masterpiece in my eyes. The beginning of the episode encapsulated how even the bravest of us would be feeling leading up to the moment that you are literally staring death in the eyes. As the army within and surrounding the walls of Winterfell prepared for battle, you could hear their breath shake as they were constantly reminded of what was waiting for them. That was until a hooded figure rode up to the Dothraki Horde, revealing herself as Melisandre, also known as the Red Woman. Up until her appearance the episode gave no signs of hope for the living, but when once the music was queued and she began to speak in Old Valyrian, shit got real. Suddenly the Dothraki had flaming swords, the living had hope, and the viewers needed oxygen tanks. This hope didn’t last too long though, because it was only moments later that we see the Dothraki, along with Jorah and Ghost go full tilt at the army of the dead only to see their flames die out. Although Jorah, Ghost (presumably), and few Dothraki escape, everyone virtually had no hope after the fact.

Tormund looking on as the Dothraki retreat

Now we have wave of dead coming at the army of the living and the real battle commences. During the battle it was tough to really see what was going on, because other than the fire raining down from Jon, Danny, and their Dragons it was pitch black. They did however focus enough to the point where you could see the main characters fighting in the middle of it. The first death we saw was to Ed, the Commander of the Night’s Watch, and one of Jon Snow’s best friends. He got taken out because he was protecting Sam who literally can’t fight for shit. On a tangent thought, they really did Samwell dirty in this episode, we all know that he is soft and can’t fight for shit, but to just show him mostly crying the entire episode was a tough look. The episode kind of eases off from the fighting after this scene as it goes into the Crypt to hear from Tyrion and Sansa until they call for the retreat where we all see how badass the Unsullied really are. I mean in this scene you see the Unsullied working as an absolute unit holding off the dead, allowing for Melisandre to pull up from the moon again and light the trench to protect the castle.

The episode almost takes a break after this point and goes quiet until the Night King is revealed and gives the command for his army pile on top of one another to create a bridge for the rest of his troops to start climbing the castle walls and eventually fuck up the majority of the living. This becomes the beginning of the demise for the living is where things really take off. First you have Lyanna Mormont who, while getting crushed by a giant wight, stabs it in the eye and kills it, sacrificing her own life.

Lyanna Mormont Staring down the giant Wight

Then you have Arya going full beast mode and cutting off ten heads in about 15 seconds with her double headed spear. These were probably two of the top 5 scenes from the back half of the episode. The others consisted of two short scenes and basically the entire last 15 minutes.

The first one I will talk about now is the battle of the dragons: Jon on Rhaegal and the Night King on undead Viserion. I had no idea this was coming and it absolutely blew my mind, to watch Rhaegal tear off half of Viserions face was a win in my book. If you didn’t catch that the first time go back and re-watch this scene. I really thought that Jon and the Night King would square up after this, but the Night Kind bitched out and just revived like the entire battlefield of dead bodies to go at my boy Jon which is just such bull shit.

Before getting to the last 15 minutes of the episode, a quick round of applause of Ser Beric, I mean this guy took about ten stab wounds to save Arya and he went out like a champ. The entire scene where the Hound, Ser Beric, and Ayra are being chased down by a horde of wights through the halls of Winterfell was cinematography at its finest. The walls during this scene were literally closing in on them until they somehow made it to the fireplace where they could barricade themselves.

Ser Beric Dondarrion

Lastly, I would put the final 15 minutes of this episode up there with that of the Battle of Bastards as one of the most entertaining, suspenseful, and regarding scenes in the Game of Thrones series. It began with the redemption of Theon, who went down fighting as hard as he possibly could for his true family; In this scene when Bran told him that he was good man and thanked him it allowed Theon to die at peace and in respectable fashion.

After the Night King made quick work of Theon’s attempt to spear him with dragon glass the scene suddenly slowed down. For the next few minutes every step the Night King took toward Bran, the screen flashed between Jon facing Undead Viserion and Jorah using his last dying will to protect Daenerys, all signs points toward the demise of the living.

This continued until the moment we see wind blow back a weight walker’s hair as the Night King is about to kill Bran, then Arya……. THAT COLD-BLOODED KILLER COMES IN THE CLUTCH AND SHATTERS THE NIGHT KING AND THE ARMY OF THE DEAD WITH HER SIGNATURE DROP SHOT TO BRING AN END TO THE LONG NIGHT.

That’s all folks, see you next week


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