The Battle of Winterfell: Objectively Trash

Writers Note: This is an adaptation of something written by one of my roommates, Pooch, who is very knowledgable about both GoT and the Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin which is the source material for the show.

First off, I’m a huge fan of the books, which are slow and meticulous. For some reason, the show is just rushing everything.

The last episode was objectively trash and I’ll explain why. First off, having the army outside the walls and rushing the Dothraki made no sense. A castle is meant for defense and everyone should’ve been behind the walls. They only had them out on the field to make things more exciting (which it was. Slowly extinguishing the Dothraki swords was cool). But things like having Ghost run with the vanguard made no sense. He has no obsidian so he can’t even kill wights. Grey Worm was on the frontline and should’ve died 400 times.

The crypts should’ve been emptied out of dead bodies. Jon knew the Night King could resurrect the dead. It’s just stupid they would put all the defenseless people in a place with dead people. All the viewers knew what would happen, and so should’ve the characters

Everyone has plot-armor, except Jorah, Theon and Edd. Remember when people died from minor infected wounds? Drogo and Robert must be rolling in their graves. Don’t even get me started on Samwell. The dude didn’t even have a weapon but still survived. The fact that the only people remaining in Winterfell were the main characters was laughable. If they die from Cersei’s army, that’s just gonna be even more comical. They literally just survived an apocalypse.

There were about 15 “somebody is about to die, but gets saved by another named character at the last moment” moments. Edd saves Sam, Jamie saves Brienne, Arya saves Davos, Hound saves Arya, Brienne saves Jamie, Dany saves Jon, Jorah saves Dany, Beric saves Arya thrice,  Arya saves Bran, etc etc. it’s just bad/lazy writing. Period.

And I had no problem with Arya killing the NK but again, it was far too abrupt. All the prophesies and foreshadowing for dozens of plot-points were completely meaningless. Jon’s resurrection? Azor Ahai? The whole  Great Other business? Bran’s Powers? Warging? Time traveling? Was none of this important? In the end it was all about Arya appearing out of thin air and pulling off some parlor trick to kill a being that had taken FULL ON DRAGON FIRE RIGHT TO THE FACE minutes before? Made no sense. Not to mention, the NK was surrounded by WW and Wights. I don’t even care anymore, to ask how she managed to get by all them when wights had tracked her in the library when she was bleeding.

And speaking of the wight walkers… where were they?! They didn’t do anything all episode. How was there not one battle between a wight walker and a main character. Honestly, why did the NK even have to show up at the battle?? He could have had literally anyone else kill Bran.

And if you think about It, Jon, Dany, and Bran did absolutely nothing. Jon was trying to square off with a dragon!! Dany was too busy getting predictably saved by her boy Jorah Mormont (again her pausing with Drogon when they were surrounded made no sense). And Bran was warging the whole episode for no reason??? Never got explained.

This fight was supposed to be the “Great War”. A GIGANTIC wall was created to prevent this dude from taking over the world, but yeah some chick can just fly out of nowhere and stick him in the chest and save the world. The NK character started and ended in the same episode. And apparently he was a one dimensional character?? George RR doesn’t do one dimensional villains. Maybe aside from Joff and Ramsey.  The NK’s purpose had to be fleshed our far more after hyping him up for so long. What did his symbols mean?? Again, no one knows.

This is just SOME of my complaints. There are soo many more. This show is being rushed and character development, plot, etc. is being sacrificed for cool sensationalized scenes. It’s a sad conclusion for a show that has been unbelievable.


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