Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Review

The Last of the Starks

I know this is late, but I have been on a bit of a bender this week with my boys. For the first time this season I believe Game of Thrones has really gotten back to finding their magic. The beginning of the episode took off perfectly, the camera showing all of those who died in during the Long Night then leading to Jon giving a speech about how the people were those that guarded the realms of Men, nuff said.

Tormund and Jon getting after it

Possibly my favorite scene of the episode was at the feast when Gendry was named Lord of Storm’s End and no longer was a bastard, it was simply just great to see him get some type of reward. Then of course he then got denied his wedding proposal by Arya, but I mean we’ve all been there before riding high after getting a dub and then some chick just crushes your soul in a single blow. Similar thing could be said about how Tormund’s night went, first you’re hammering down horns of ale with the boys then your dream girl just dusts you off like nothing, its alright though because just a minute later Tormund picked up a classy broad. As most games go keep shooting pucks on net and maybe one will squeak by. As weird as it sounds and as awkward as it looked I was happy for both Brienne and Jaime because they both found what they were looking and for once Jaime wasn’t getting with his sister.


Finishing off this crazy night of guys taking L’s, Jon was in for a rough go when he was hooking up with our girl Daenerys then realized, “oh shit this is my aunt”. Then he stops and she tries giving him an ultimatum, which showed a few things about daenerys that we haven’t really seen yet. First, she finally is realizing that she doesn’t have much power anymore, her giving Jon a ultimatum and begging him not to reveal his true identity shows that she knows who really is in charge. Second, she’s scared. The entire series we have seen Daenerys grow and become more confident in herself and now it seems as if she is second guessing herself which normally doesn’t show great results for someone leading an army.

After the battle plans are drawn we are brought to the Godswood where we see the Last of the Starks. Jon in this scene makes his decision to trust his family and reveals the truth of his identity. Unfortunately Jon places his trust in the wrong hands for the billionth time this series. After Jon tells his family the truth, Sansa goals and spills to Tyrion who tells Varys. What a dumbass. Now we got the biggest snake in the game knowing who really should be in charge, it wouldn’t surprise me if that is who really kills daenerys.

The Last of the Starks

Next Jon saying goodbye to Ghost and Tormund may have been the hardest goodbye of them all, I hope we see them again but I doubt it. Maybe we see Samwell and Gilly, but probably not until the end. It seemed like a wrap up scene so I guess we can just consider them all gone.

Getting to my original point, this episode really felt like the Game of Thrones we all knew, there was drinking, sex, mind-games, and then….. action. Rhegal dying was hard to see, but we all knew Cersei had to kill one of the dragons. This scene was perfectly set up to surprise us, and had just enough action for the episode. However I was devastated to see Missandei go, I really thought it was going to be Grey Worm, but smart of Weiss and Benioff to keep us on our toes.


I saw the preview for the next episode, but to be honest I have no idea what is going to happen and where the hell Jon is going to get his army. I hope we get to see the Dornish get in the mix, we all saw how badass Prince Oberyn was with a spear so give us more of that shit.

Last thoughts, it was great to see Braun, we all knew the brash and greedy bastard wouldn’t kill Tyrion or Jaime. Now after killing, robbing, and gambling his way to wealth he has become Lord of Highgarden and the Reach. What a story, I bet we’ll see Braun at the end of the series either chilling in Highgarden or killing somebody for something better, can’t wait to see. Along with that, Arya and the Hound are the hardest tag team of all time and are going to King’s Landing to fuck shit up.



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