Just like my Classic Of The Week , Unbroken is a Wartime epic Drama that is a must watch. I would like to point out that I did not read the book, mostly because of my theory that books ruin movies. Its more of a fact, but anyway, lets continue.

For those of you who also haven’t read the book, Unbroken is a movie based on a true story that follows the life of Olympic Track Athlete/American War Hero, Louie Zamperini (played by Jack O’Connell). The movie starts off with Louie as a child running around town stealing all kinds of shit –  mostly money – and running away from the people who are trying to catch him. From this the movie proceeds to take us through Louie’s high school years where he smashes record after record in the mile, dusting anybody who challenges him.

The rest of the movie is even more impressive than records. Director/Producer Angelina Jolie had her hands full making this movie as realistic as possible, which could not have been easy.

Louie and two of his fellow crew members were faced with the impossible task of surviving on a raft in the middle of the pacific ocean after his plane crashed on a rescue mission. The movie showed the men doing anything they could for food, including smashing the shit out of a shark’s head with their fist and snapping a birds neck. You think thats impressive?

After 47 days on the raft, eating nibbles of fish and shark for maybe 10 of them, they were “rescued” by the Japanese Navy during WWII, and then put in a POW camp that was lead by some soft asian bitch named Bird who used a stick to target Louie’s face countless times. After the U.S. discovered the POW camp, Louie and the rest of the Prisoners were moved to a horrible coal mine where one of the most explosive scene’s of all time takes place. Shivers City – Population: everybody.

If you’re an American, Unbroken is a must watch. Louis Zamperini is a true American Hero with heart that refused to stop beating. If you’re a Jap, watch Unbroken and witness you’re old countrymen look like a bunch of pussies.

God Bless Louie Zamperini and God Bless the greatest country on the planet.

Rating: 7.8/10

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Squirrel’s Weekly Classic: Top Gun

When we think about the greatest military movies of all time we think of movies like Apocalypse Now, Schindler’s List, and Saving Private Ryan, but I would argue that Top Gun should be in that realm of thought as well. This instant classic, released to the public in 1986, is in my opinion, one of the greatest movies of all time. Director Tony Scott, produces some of the most galvanizing  aerial footage that puts you in the cock-pit of an F-15 fighter jet with the handsome naval aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), and his goofy reel “Goose” (Anthony Edwards). … Continue reading Squirrel’s Weekly Classic: Top Gun