In a world ravaged by global warming, a couple scientists come up with a cure using a synthetic gas to lower the temperature. I don’t know if they skipped the clinical trials or whatever, but they completely overshot it as they annihilated everybody by creating a new ice age. You’d think there would be a better solution to dealing with freezing temperature, but the only people that survived are guests of Wilford’s self-sustaining train the “Snowpiercer”. Pretty loaded locomotive as it stocked up on good looking women, endless t-bones, and even an aquarium, but while the top half is flat out … Continue reading Snowpiercer

The Age of Adaline

I’m on a little bit of a romantic tear this week — going from 50 Shades of Grey to this –, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve loved every second of it. Contrary to 50 Shades, this one starred a legit cast that really poured their hearts into each and every scene. It starts with Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) getting in a pretty vicious car accident that leaves her knocked out and sinking to the bottom of a freezing river. However, she’s saved by a bolt of lighting that splits through the water and not only electrocutes her back … Continue reading The Age of Adaline

McFarland, USA 

I thought Kevin Costner’s career in sports films was gonna quickly wind down after his mediocre performance in Draft Day last year, but boy was I wrong. The guy delivered a simply beautiful performance in this inspiring cross-country flick. The story begins with Costner being fired as head coach of a football team for pretty much abusing his players. His family was then forced to move to a run down town in California’s Central Valley. The predominantly Latino high-school sucks at sports, but Costner quickly discovered their knack for running so he starts a new cross-country program. Due to Costner’s … Continue reading McFarland, USA